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We have access to a collection of more than 4000 Minnesota Railroad Maps, we can supply a copy of  a map for just about any section of Railroad in Minnesota, just ask.



About Us

I have been selling Railroad books and collectibles for 35+ years. In 1984, I began Grenadier Publications to publish my own publications – all of these publications are listed on this website.  Grenadier Publications also publishes some Military History and re-released the 3rd edition (2011) of Feeding the Frontier Army: 1775-1865 by Barbara K. Luecke in November 2011.

In May of 1995, I purchased the store – Como Shops – located in the Old Northern Pacific Car Shop Facility opened in 1886, it was renovated and converted in 1984 into a small retail mall. In 2005, I lost my lease (they were going in a different direction and I was not in their plans) and the store closed on 31 May 2005.

Since that time, I have been selling mostly at Railroad Shows and online. In the September 2005 issue of the Twin Cities Business Monthly – this site was named "Best New Specialty Retailer Online".

In addition to books both new and out of print, I carry railroad maps, manuals, paper and other collectibles, etc. The site now includes some of my own personal collection for sale.  I also carry some Military History published by Grenadier Publications. See the Categories – Grenadier Publications and Military for a listing of titles. There will be more in the future!

If you are interested in anything listed above, but not found on my website (most of the collectibles are not listed) – give me a call or drop me a line.

Book Condition Codes

Grenadier Publications - (GP prefix)

This is my publishing company and it lists the books I have authored and published - here you will find all 12 of my railroad books, the last one published in November 2015, The Soo Line in Minnesota, these books are not discounted.

I also recently published a 450 page text only, book length, CD-Rom entitled – The Winona & Southwestern Archive: Chicago Great Western’s Winona Branch.

This CD has the same format as my other Minnesota Railroad books. I use the newspapers of the day, in this case I utilized the Winona Newspaper Project, and filled in the blanks with my own commentary, history and text. No Discount. 


New Books (CS prefix)

Almost every New Book I stock I discount 20% off of the List Price. Exceptions come from some publishers which allow me such a small discount that I am not able to give you the normal discount. I don't discount books I have authored.

New books are usually Hardcover (HC) or Softcover (SC). The Hardcover books come either with or without a dust jacket.


Out of Print (OP & JL Prefix)

(OP-Prefix) - I have rated the books according to their condition, especially where dust jackets/covers are concerned. I have tried to make an honest appraisal of the conditions of the books, but as with any subjective appraisal of this type, you may have other ideas concerning my thoughts about the condition of the book. This rating is used only to give you a quick means of determining an approximate condition of the books. I have been buying and selling Railroad books for over 35+ years and I am aware of the market. As explained above this rating is subjective based on my experience in the business.
(JL Prefix) - I have recently begun downsizing my own personal collection of out of print books. The rating system for my books are the same as the OP-Prefix above.

John C. Luecke


1= Near Mint

2= Slight Wear

3= Tears

4= Rough

5= Missing

6= Cover Stains

NDJ = Never had a Dust Jacket


A= Near Mint

B=Slightly Weakened

C= Weak

D=Needs to be Rebound or Loose Spine

 SC= Soft Cover

SB= Spiral Bound

XLIB= Ex-Library Copy



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