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Just a quick note to advise you that our inventory of the collection of approximately 4,500 railroad books is ongoing and will be for some time. The books are and will be made available for acquisition through our ebay listing: and our website:


We ask for your patience as we complete the inventory; a process that will take some time yet.


This massive collection was maintained in fine condition and covers countless railroad titles from across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the rest of world. If you are looking for an elusive title, it’s an even money bet that we have it in this collection. We are also well motivated to move the books and we can assure you that out pricing will be competitive.


We are also introducing a multi-book discount pricing schedule for all out of print books – the more you purchase, the larger the discount, as follows:

2 Books -         10% Discount,              3 Books -         15% Discount

4 Books -         20 % Discount              5+ Books -      Lets Talk!

(These discounts apply only to sales at railroad shows and our website where they will be manually processed).


Please check in at both locations from time to time and see what we have discovered. After 40 years of selling railroad books, we are surprised at some of this titles that have surfaced.


Many thanks for your continued patronage and as always, if you have any requests, questions or wish to reserve a book, please feel free to contact us via email or phone.


John C. Luecke, Como Shops-Grenadier Publications, 651-489-4264 (PM)


PS – For St. Paul-Minneapolis-Minnesota residents, we will be attending the following scheduled railroad shows:


May 13, 2023 - Twin Cities Model Railroad Club, Education Building, MN State Fairgrounds, 1265 Snelling Ave. N. St. Paul, MN 55108


June 3 and June 4, 2023 - St. Paul Union Depot Train Days, 214 4th Street East, St. Paul, MN 55101


These events will be the first time that we have had the new collection of books on hand for any show in the Twin Cities and according, the picking should be very good! In addition, we have just acquired a sizable amount of railroad collectibles including rare annual reports, lanterns, an NP step-stool, a few official guides, telegraph equipment and about 50+ railroad calendars, just to mention a few items. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Please check us out at the State Fair Grounds – (in the door and first on the right).


John will continue to purchase New Books, usually giving a 20% discount on New Books - see below. He also has his books (Grenadier Publications) & out of print books. At times he discounts his books & the out of print books - so keep checking.




Northern Pacific Diesel Power - Vol. 1 by Dale Sanders

Just Arrived. 224 Pages with everything you ever wanted to know about NP road diesels, plus a boatload of photographs, both color and black and white. This book won't stay in print long, so we suggest you don't hesitate.

List Price - $90.00       OUR PRICE - $72.00


Northern Pacific Diesel Power - Vol. 2 by Dale Sanders

Just Arrived. 240 Pages with everything you ever wanted to know about NP F-units, plus a trainload of photographs, both color and black and white.  This book won't stay in print long, so we suggest you don't hesitate.

List Price - $90.00       OUR PRICE - $72.00


Twin Cities Rails - Color Pictorial by Dean Freimund

A 144 page, all color photo study of the railroads of the Twin Cities ranging from the late 1960s to the early 2000s. A ton of images covering everything from GN to Soo Line and everything in between including M&NS and even Amtrak.

This book has something for everyone and shows the Twin Cities railroad system in its true colors. This book has been moving quickly and is rapidly advancing toward being out of print. Now is the time!

List Price - $70      OUR PRICE - $56


On a less serious note, a Health Update (4 April 2023).

Since December 8th, I've had 3 surgeries and all have been successful. I started 6 months of Chemo, twice a month, on the 24th of January (what fun), last week being Chemo #4. The adventure continues!

Many thanks for your thoughts, wishes and prayers (which ever is appropriate).  For John C. Luecke - Barb


The Burlington Northern Prairie Rails Color Pictorial by Brandvold

Just in from Four Ways West Publications. A 144 page study of the BN in the remote and rather rarely photographed reaches of the Dakotas.

List Price - $70 OUR PRICE - $56


Chicago & North Western's Many Faces by Dean Freimund. Four Ways West Publishing. Hardcover. List Price - $70  OUR PRICE - $56


Soo Line Power in Color Vol. 2. Timko, Early Roadswitchers 1945 to 1965. (RS-1s to GP-35s). List Price - $70. OUR PRICE - $56

Soo Line Portfolio, Timko. Soft Cover, List Price - $40. OUR PRICE - $32

Minnesota Mining Railroads in Color, Vol. 2. Schauer. List Price $70. OUR PRICE $56


Black & White Negatives

John has decided to start thinning out his negative collection. Listings can be found at Our eBay Site (Contact Mike)


Other New Books -

Minnesota Mining Railroads in Color  Volume 2 by Schauer.

Retail - $69.95  Our Price - $56.00. 


Minnesota Mining Railroads in Color Volume 1 by Schauer.

Retail - $59.95   Our Price - $48.


Observation Car Color Porfolio Volumes 1-5.  Soft Covered & Sealed.

Retail - $39.95    Our Price - $32.00 (per book). 

Volume 1 - A&WP - CBQ

Volume 2 - CG - FEC

Volume 3 - FWD&D - MTA

Volume 4 - N&W - RI

Volume 5 - SAL-YW


Milwauke Road Photographing Route of the Hiawathas by Bob Baker. Published by Four Ways West.

Retail - $60.00.  Our Price - $48.00 


Soo Line in Color  Volume 1: Switchers & Covered Wagons by Timko. Published by Morning Sun.

Retail - $69.95. Our Price - $56.00.


Minneapolis Northfield and Southern Railway by Aaron Isaacs. Published by Morning Sun. Retail - $70.00. Our Price - $56.00. 


The Soo Line - Milwaukee Road Merger in Color  Volume 2: Pre-Merger Milwaukee and the Merged Soo Line by Jerry A. Pinkepank. Published by Morning Sun.

Retail - $70.00.  Our Price - $56.00.


                   Most New Books are 20% Off of the Retail Price.


The Shay Locomotive - An Illustrated History by Henderson/Benson/Kadelak/Hauff. Published by White River Productions. Price - $100.00

(Now Out of Print). Quantity = 2.

Shipping = $10.00 (increase in shipping due to this oversized book, about 600 pages, additional books $5.00 Each).


If you don't see a title you are seeking, let us know and we will do our best to get it for you.





This item includes a set of over 4,000+ Valuation Maps of Minnesota's Railroads, all on a convenient thumb-drive. Most importantly, however, is the 100 page index for these maps. This index allows the maps to be accessed in a simple and timely manner.

I have been using these maps for research purposes for decades and find them invaluable, as I'm sure any avid student of Minnesota Railroad History will also. They are topics for in depth study and are sure to answer countless questions for anyone who invests in them.

The Minnesota Railroad Valuations Maps will only be available through Grenadier Publications (my publishing company).

PRICE - $35.00 plus $5.00 *Shipping & **Minnesota Sales Tax (where applicable). 


*SHIPPING - (We have had to raise the price of shipping by $1.00 per item. First time since we created the website in 1997).

Books - $7.00 for the 1st book & $1.00 for each additional book.

*Minnesota Railroad Valuation Maps - $5.00 for the 1st book & $1.00 for each additional book.

Our Website is set up for a $7.00 Default Shipping Rate for all items sold. When necessary, we will manually adjust all orders before processing.  A few of John's inventory are books that are oversized & overweight, price for those books are $10.00 for the 1st book & $5 for each individual book.


**Minnesota Sales Tax - All Minnesota residents must include Minnesota Sales Tax - (see the Minnesota Department of Revenue for futher information).


Payments by Check - Make your check out to the following -

Grenadier Publications

1108 Farrington Street

St. Paul, Minnesota 55117

(Books will not be shipped until we receive your check).


Thanks for Your Patience and Patronage!

John & Barb Luecke

1108 Farrington St.

St. Paul, MN 55117


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