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We have access to a collection of more than 4000 Minnesota Railroad Maps, we can supply a copy of  a map for just about any section of Railroad in Minnesota, just ask.


  Welcome to the Home of Grenadier Publications &!

UPDATE - 22 May 2019 - John had another trip to the ER in mid-April, a bout of Vertigo (dizziness - the head, bed & room spinning kind) diagnosed, no idea where that came from. The Vertigo, to date, now under control & being monitored. Still very tired & in pain. Hope to be able to go to SPUD (St. Paul Union Depot) RR Show on 1-2 June, depends on how I am doing.

-17 April 2019 - John had a bit of an "episode" at the Century College, White Bear Lake RR Show on 6 April. He got very weak, then his left arm went numb. We packed up, with a lot of help & went home. (John can monitor his defibrillator (ICD) via remote link to the ICD Clinic, he was told his heart was OK, at that time). John did not have a heart attack, but no one knows what happened & his cardiologist wants to see him in July.

John seems to be in a "patch him up & monitoring stage" and "You are on your own - Learn to Live with it". In other words, we have no idea what is going on with you. Sounds very familiar!

John still has - "No evidence of active lymphoma" (as of March 2019) & sees the oncologist in July.

His heart is stable, which is good for someone who has half a heart & is coming up on 20 years since the heart attack on 10-10-1999. Sees the cardiologist in July for the 17 April episode above. 

His arthritis from neck to hips, seems to bothering him the most, he had a cortisone shot in his right shoulder a few weeks back, with no noticeable relief. He is in a lot of pain. He does continue to work on projects, especially the M&STL book - due date up in the air.

And, last but not least, his old friend, "migraines" have returned. He started getting them at age 9, they stopped just before his 43d birthday in 1998, then he had the heart attack the following October (1999). He has been told migraines can come back & that they might be related to the chemo. They started in the summer of 2018 during his chemo sessions. Bounce back headaches (or migraines - he has had several since last Spring).

 In other words, he is in pain, fatigued and unable to do what he could do even in 2017, before the lymphoma was diagnosed. That seems to be the link, the chemo is still affecting him, even though his treatments ended in Aug 2018.

The Watch Word is - MONITOR.

 We Thank all of you for your thoughts, prayers and patience.
 For John and Myself, Thank You!
Barb Luecke
 22 May 2019


We specialize in Railroad Books with a few Military History Books thrown in for good measure (additions will be made in 2019).

I will continue to sell New, Out of Print & Self-Published Books; and YES, I continue to buy RR books.
 Most of the New Books on this website are Always Discounted at 20% Off the Retail Price (excluding books published by Grenadier Publications)

Minnesota Railroad Maps (on a Print on Demand Basis) are also available. Keep checking in or send me a "want list" as new books always seem to keep arriving.

Grenadier Publications, My Books, are not discounted, but I do have a SALE from time to time. My co-author, Paul Spyhalski & I are working on a book on the Minneapolis & St. Louis, tentatively due out in November 2019.

Keep Checking the Website for the M&STL Pre-Publication Offer Sign-up, sometime next year!

Thank You for your Patience during this continuing time of transition towards a smaller website (due to my continuing decline in health).
Your patronage is greatly appreciated!
John C. Luecke
10 December 2018

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Railroad Shows I Plan on Attending, 2019 (Health & Weather Permitting)

 1 -2 June 2019 SPUD (St. Paul Union Depot) RR Show.
 John will not be attending SPUD this year.

Done Until September 2019



The Soo Line in Minnesota 


by John C. Luecke and Paul R. Spyhalski 

PRICE - $65.00*

This in-depth study of the Soo Line in Minnesota covers the history and development of this late-comer to the State's railroad scene.
Linking the Twin Cities rail hub to some of the most remote hinterlands in northern Minnesota, 
the story of the Soo Line is one of constant battle, perseverance and innovation against the might of much stronger opponents.

The book contain 320 pages with approximately 300 photographs (sixteen pages of Color views),
55+ maps and drawings and a wealth of information covering every aspect of the Soo Line in Minnesota. 
Hard cover with Dust Jacket. 

* - The following shipping rates apply - $6.00 for the first book and $1.00 for each additional book.
Minnesota Sales Tax is applicable per your Minnesota zip cod
Order will be received via this website, phone or through the mail.

Many Thanks!
John C. Luecke
Available Now and Going Fast!


The Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern: 
From Dan Patch to Dragons
by John C. Luecke & Paul R. Spyhalski

For the first time, the full history of this interesting interurban-turned belt line will be available to students of Minnesota Railroad history.
The book will cover every aspect of this never-say-die short-line from the earliest plans of the "Dan Patch" to
the final takeover of the MN&S by the Soo Line and beyond.
The book will include: 208 pages, with approximately 250 Photos including 16 pages of Color, 40+ Maps & Diagrams,
and more information than anyone, including the authors, ever thought was possible.
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket.

(* plus $6.00 shipping and Minnesota Sales tax were applicable)

 View this book  
Many Thanks!

John C. Luecke


More Chicago & North Western in Minnesota
John C. Luecke


An update to this author’s previous work on the C&NW in Minnesota, More Chicago & North Western in Minnesota is a fresh look at the history of this fine line in the Gopher State. Where the first book left off, this book continues, adding a wealth of information and photographs to the proud story of the C&NW in Minnesota. This book has more information than anyone ever thought was possible!
320 pages, hardcover with dust jacket
More than 300 photographs, including 32 pages of color views.
More than 40 map-diagrams of routes, yards and terminals all across the State.
* -Plus $6.00 shipping and handling and Minnesota State Sales Tax where applicable

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John C. Luecke