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We have access to a collection of more than 4000 Minnesota Railroad Maps, we can supply a copy of  a map for just about any section of Railroad in Minnesota, just ask.


Welcome to I have made some changes to my business & website, due to my longstanding & additional health issues this year.
I have been have forced to downsize my website & cut back on the number of Railroad Shows I attend yearly. The website is as up to date as we can get it at this point.
I will continue to sell both New and Out of Print books, just not as many titles. I will also continue to discount MOST of the New books on my website - 20% off the Retail Price.
I plan to continue writing books on Minnesota Railroads & I will also try to attend as many RR Shows as I can each year, health & weather permitting.
 The books I have authored or co-authored & published by my Publishing Company, Grenadier Publications (& that are still in print) - are in stock & for sale (7 books & 1 CD) - View the titles on the Home Page below.
Two of my books are now out of print & hard to come by, The Chicago & North Western in Minnesota (1991) & Foundations of an Empire: The Great Northern in Minnesota (1998).
I will also continue to sell Minnesota Railroad Maps on a Print on Demand Basis. Just let me know what you need & I will see what I can do.
Thank You for your Patience during this time of transition. I do appreciate your Business.
  John C. Luecke
 Email -
Phone - 651-646-2094
 10 June 2017

SUMMER SALE -- SUMMER SALE -  SUMMER SALE - SUMMER SALE - SUMMER SALE - SUMMER SALE will be having a SALE throughout the Summer, ending on Labor Day.
I am blowing out books that I don't intend to stock anymore. Check out - Categories - Clearance Books to find the books for sale.
 Grenadier Publications - Books I have authored & co-authored, will also be on Sale this Summer. All 7 Books are listed on the Home Page below, Click - View Here - & the Book/s, with the "Summer Sale Price" listed, will come up. I rarely discount my books, so get them while you can. All my books will be signed.
Most New Books, I stock, are 20% off the Retail Price.
I will also be adding discounts on some of my Out of Print Books - including my own personal collection - at substantial savings!
Stay Tuned!

SHIPPING - $6.00 first book & $1.00 each additional book ordered.
Minnesota Residents Must pay Minnesota Sales - Check out the State of Minnesota Revenue Website under Sales Taxes for further information.


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 Remember – Almost all New Books are 20% Off!

 My publishing company, Grenadier Publications, accepts Dealer Inquires! You can email me at for more information.

Thank You for your Business

John C. Luecke


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The Soo Line in Minnesota 


by John C. Luecke and Paul R. Spyhalski 

PRICE - $65.00*

This in-depth study of the Soo Line in Minnesota covers the history and development of this late-comer to the State's railroad scene.
Linking the Twin Cities rail hub to some of the most remote hinterlands in northern Minnesota, 
the story of the Soo Line is one of constant battle, perseverance and innovation against the might of much stronger opponents.

The book contain 320 pages with approximately 300 photographs (sixteen pages of Color views),
55+ maps and drawings and a wealth of information covering every aspect of the Soo Line in Minnesota. 
Hard cover with Dust Jacket. 

* - The following shipping rates apply - $6.00 for the first book and $1.00 for each additional book.
Minnesota Sales Tax is applicable per your Minnesota zip cod
Order will be received via this website, phone or through the mail.

Many Thanks!
John C. Luecke
Available Now and Going Fast!


The Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern: 
From Dan Patch to Dragons
by John C. Luecke & Paul R. Spyhalski

For the first time, the full history of this interesting interurban-turned belt line will be available to students of Minnesota Railroad history.
The book will cover every aspect of this never-say-die short-line from the earliest plans of the "Dan Patch" to
the final takeover of the MN&S by the Soo Line and beyond.
The book will include: 208 pages, with approximately 250 Photos including 16 pages of Color, 40+ Maps & Diagrams,
and more information than anyone, including the authors, ever thought was possible.
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket.

(* plus $6.00 shipping and Minnesota Sales tax were applicable)

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Many Thanks!

John C. Luecke


More Chicago & North Western in Minnesota
John C. Luecke


An update to this author’s previous work on the C&NW in Minnesota, More Chicago & North Western in Minnesota is a fresh look at the history of this fine line in the Gopher State. Where the first book left off, this book continues, adding a wealth of information and photographs to the proud story of the C&NW in Minnesota. This book has more information than anyone ever thought was possible!
320 pages, hardcover with dust jacket
More than 300 photographs, including 32 pages of color views.
More than 40 map-diagrams of routes, yards and terminals all across the State.
* -Plus $6.00 shipping and handling and Minnesota State Sales Tax where applicable

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John C. Luecke

An in-depth history of the Rock Island in Minnesota, the author’s 9th  book on Minnesota railroads covers the construction and operations of the road’s various lines from 1900 to the present.
The Rock Island was the last mainline built in southern Minnesota but until this time little has been written about this important through route.

Also included is a study of the Rock Island’s extension through the southwestern part of the State that was slated to be a new connection to the Northern Pacific railroad at Bismarck, North Dakota.
The reader is guaranteed a wealth of new information concerning the history of this "mighty fine line."

This book has 192 pages, is hardcover more than 225 photographs (90% of which have never been published previously) from a wealth of photographers,
ranging from the construction period to steam operations,  from mainline to branchline and from freight to passenger.
The book includes 16 pages of color photographs.

There are more than a dozen maps highlighting essential aspects of the Rock Island’s Minnesota system.


Orders may be placed via our website, by phone or through the mail.

(* plus $6.00 shipping and Minnesota Sales tax were applicable)

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Read a Review of this book

   Grenadier Publications is proud to announce the re-release of

Feeding the Frontier Army: 1775-1865

by Barbara K. Luecke

Feeding the Frontier Army is both a history of Army rations and a guide to preparing meals in “Army Fashion”, with recipes that can be made over an open fire for the period between the American Revolution and the Civil War. An authoritative study, this book has been referenced by numerous authors of military history.

A one-of-a-kind manual for military cooking in an accurate manner, this book is a must for anyone doing “period cooking and baking” at Army posts, military re-enactments or fur trade rendezvous.

This is the 3rd edition of the book, with an updated introduction, a colorized cover and perfect binding.

Retail - $20.00 plus $5 shipping and handling.
(Minnesota residents – please remember to add Minnesota Sales Tax.)

Dealers may inquire at – or call us at 651-646-2094

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by John C. Luecke

This book is the 8th volume written by John C. Luecke on the railroads of Minnesota.
Focusing on the Milwaukee Road system in Minnesota, this work will include over 430 photographs,
including 16 pages of color and more than thirty-five maps on 272 pages.
Most of these photographs have never been published before thereby furnishing a fresh visual study of the line in Minnesota.
In-depth written studies of the River Division, Minneapolis, Mendota and the Narrow Gauge branchlines will fill out the book.

(* plus $6.00 shipping and Minnesota Sales tax were applicable)
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More Chicago Great Western in Minnesota
by John C. Luecke

More CGW in Minnesota

This 208 page pictorial covers the history of the Chicago Great Western during its later years in Minnesota.
An in-depth study of this beloved Granger road, this book includes information and
a wealth of photographs covering the road’s mainline, branchlines, depots, terminals, iron mining operations and day to day struggle to survive.

The book also features a collection of never before published construction photographs of the Winona & Southwestern and the Winona Bridge Company.
If you are a CGW fan, a student of railroading in Minnesota or one who naturally roots for the underdog, this book is a must!

208 pages, with 400+ B&W photographs and 15 maps. Hardcover with Dust Jacket.
Price - $52.00*

(* plus $6.00 shipping and Minnesota Sales tax were applicable)

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by John C. Luecke

 An in depth study of the Northern Pacific Railroad in Minnesota from its first days along the Mississippi River in St. Paul to the final Burlington Northern merger.
460 pages, 300+ photographs, pullout map section

Recommended Reading
TRAINS Magazine December 2005

(* plus $6.00 shipping and Minnesota Sales tax were applicable)

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The Winona & Southwestern Archives

The Chicago Great Western's Winona Branch

By John C. Luecke

The Winona & Southwestern began in 1888 as part of a new through route between Lake Michigan and Omaha. Over the new three years the tiny railroad was extended from Winona, 113 miles southwest to Osage, Iowa. There the grand scheme of opening a new through route to Omaha came to an end, never to be revived. A mainline that never was, the Winona & Southwestern lived out its existence as a branchline, catering to the small towns along its route, amid the rolling prairies of southern Minnesota.

Known for its rugged climb out of Winona with a wealth of huge trestles, steep grades and sharp curves, the Winona & Southwestern is a study in southern Minnesota style "mountain railroading." The only "main line" in Minnesota ever built with a switchback on its route, the W&SW is an unbelievable story of the trials and tribulations, hopes and dreams of a "home town" railroad fighting against nature and competing lines for its survival.

Just after the turn of the century the line came under the control of the Chicago Great Western and regular service was maintained over the entire route until the first years of the Great Depression. The last remnants of the W&SW endured into the 1970s, finally falling victim to the branch line abandonment era.
Now for the first time the complete "day by day" history of this unique railroad is available. This TEXT ONLY CD represents hundreds of hours of research and is without a doubt the most comprehensive history of Minnesota's most unique railroad. The 450+ page CD includes a vast array of period newspaper accounts of the construction, operation and eventual demise of this highly interesting railroad. The appendix includes information concerning depots, locomotives, interlockers, industries and abandonments. A series of maps, including detail illustrations of the Bear Creek switchback, round out this complete study of the line.   

An absolute must for any student of the Chicago Great Western or Minnesota Railroads! 

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(* plus $6.00 shipping and Minnesota Sales tax were applicable)

Shipping Rates and Minnesota Sales Tax Rates (for Minnesota residents)

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